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The Winja Way

The Winja Way is a comprehensive, step by step guide to help you transform your mind, your body and your spirit. You will become a Winja: someone that seizes life by the balls and shows up as their best self, winning at all their goals, and having tons of fun while doing it!
Learn how to fall in love with movement, connect with your self & body, establish lifelong health & fitness habits, and start taking action and moving like a Winja using the Winja Way so you can enjoy your life to the fullest! All the workouts require NO equipment & can be done in the comfort of your own home.
What you'll get:
  1. Mind of the Winja: My proven mindset training to help you conquer your mind so you can conquer the world ($500 value)
  2. Fortify the Winja Dojo: How to set up a winning home environment guide. ($150 value)
  3. Know Thy Winja Body: The complete assessment tool, fitness testing kit & progress tracker to let you know exactly where you are now and to celebrate your wins. ($200 value)
  4. Create thy Winja Body: My badass mobility series to get you moving like a Winja! ($200 value)
  5. Step into the Winja Body: Bask in the amazingness that is now your body's ability to move well! Level up with bodyweight flows, Animal Flow movements, and Winja movement challenges. ($200 value)
  6. The Winja Diet: Eat & Think of food like a Winja. Learn how to create the best diet for you. ($150 value)
  7. Habits of a Winja: Learn how to implement new habits & assassinate bad habits like a Winja. ($100 value)
  8. The Winja Action Sequence: Learn how to take action & see results with my proven action sequence & accountability team. ($100 value)
  • The Ultimate Mind Control Guide
  • Grocery Shopping Guide
  • How to Save Money on Groceries Guide
  • Up To Date Medical Information
  • The Elusive Facebook Winja Clan Community for support & accountability
  • Strong in 20 Quickie Guide
  • Gratitude Journaling Template 
  • Printable Positive Affirmations
  • Win the Morning, Win the Day Morning Routine Guide: My Personal Morning Routine

I stand by my work and I believe in the Winja Way with all my heart. I know what it has done for me: taking me from an overdrinking, overeating Party Girl to Winja status. I want to put all the risk on me. I want to GUARANTEE your success. When you complete the program, I will give you a complete refund. You just have to prove to me that you did the work. No questions asked.

What do you have to lose??

What People Are Saying:

“MYA IS FUN!!! She is extremely positive and engaging. Her personality is refreshing and you feel like she is your friend, in the front row, cheering you on to be the best you can be. I thought the focus would have been only on the body but then I realized Mya is truly a change leader. She visits every aspect of your life and provides practical tips and deeply seated mental re-engineering tools that can foster lasting, impactful change. Before the Winja Way, I felt my body slowing down. My balance and body alignment started to deteriorate along with speed. I also was experiencing increased tightness in my hips after long hours of sitting. With the Winja Way, I now have more flexible hips, a strengthened bladder, and I’ve becomes an inspiration to many and I’m able to embrace the challenges of life.”


“Mya is the unicorn of the fitness trainer community. Truly there is no other trainer like her. Her quirkiness with a combination of finesse makes her fun, engaging & effective. A great coach & overall a great human being. I am very grateful to have her on my side in this fitness journey.”

Mike L

“Mya is very knowledgeable and has an amazing energy and zest for life. She has a very down to earth approach to health and fitness that can easily be become a normal part of life. I started at 67 years old, overweight, with arthritis in several joints. I always felt the program was very individualized and doable. Mya kept precise notes and would frequently remind me how I was progressing. During our training, I definitely felt stronger, more confident and appreciated the things my body was capable of doing. Throughout the workout, I always felt challenged. Mya would watch my form and would correct as necessary but also evaluate how I was doing and adjust as she felt was needed. I very much appreciated the individual attention as well as the encouragement Mya gave after every session. She would spend time answering questions about food and I found she had a very practical common sense approach to eating. But she also was a believer in living life to the fullest and enjoying special times. I really benefited and valued my time training with Mya. ”

Brenda Z

“Mya is amazing - she is highly motivating, funny and a badass! Every workout is intense but every workout is also different. Mya teaches in a way where you feel comfortable. She teaches with a lot of energy and humor, there's no way you aren't having fun and breaking an ugly sweat. Mya is a gem and I plan to continue my training adventure with her. ”

Karen L

“Mya is very energetic and engaging, and loves to make things fun and competitive. The workouts always went by very quickly (that’s a good thing if you hate working out like me!!) She always explained the goal so I knew what I was aiming for, and if I was struggling she cheered me on and gave me options to modify so I wouldn’t lose momentum and quit. I would definitely recommend Mya as a fitness coach!”

Danielle S

“Mya has really helped me get back into fitness and goal setting. She listens to my concerns and tailors her plan for me so that it is individualized and specific to my needs. Her sessions are varied and challenging, so I am never bored. Mya’s positive energy is infectious, and extremely motivating. I definitely recommend her to anyone looking to improve their fitness with a knowledgeable and dedicated trainer.”

Lauren B

“The best part about Mya is who she is. Mya is creative, full of life and energy, and extremely positive. She never sees a barrier as an obstacle; rather, she sees it as an achievable challenge. On days I don’t feel like working out Mya shows up like the shot of energy espresso I need to push me to want to be better and stronger. Her personality and energy is infectious! You never leave a work out feeling unfulfilled, you always feel accomplished. She lives by what she preaches and doesn’t feed you sugar coated garbage. She will be one of your biggest supporters and cheerleaders, and she always encourages you not only during a workout, but outside of working out as well. I am inspired by Mya’s love and passion for what she does, full body workouts combined with her love of food and cooking makes me want to be a healthier person.”

Amanda H

“Mya is exactly what you see: energetic, fun, strong, athletic, bubbly and very nice. We had so much fun in our session and the hour went by so fast. She explained every move and made sure I understood. It was a good pace and I learnt so much in that hour.”